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How the association works 

Composed of a dozen members, For Equity is a non-profit organization recognized as a public utility since 2009, the year of its creation. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, we are involved with populations in difficulty in the Lausanne region within the framework of local projects, but also abroad where we work to improve the living conditions of several pastoral communities in southwestern Ethiopia. We also support projects in India, Syria and other regions in need through micro-projects carried out in partnership.

Here, our actions are directed towards families in precariousness, homeless populations but also young people suffering from autism that we accompany in various activities of social inclusion.

There, the majority of our efforts are directed towards tribal communities in the Omo Valley, in Ethiopia, where for the past 3 years we have been supporting their access to schooling, health and drinking water. On site, two Ethiopian members of For Equity assure us a permanent presence and follow-up. On our side, we go there every year to consolidate the relationship we have with these members, the pastoral populations and the local authorities. In addition, our trips serve to monitor our projects, inaugurate those in progress and develop the next ones. Since January 2023, For Equity has been recognised as a civil organisation in Ethiopia, reinforcing its importance and its status as a major player in the Omoraté region.

The For Equity team in Switzerland

For Equity members in Ethiopia

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Association For Equity

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