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Although mainly active in Ethiopia, For Equity is also committed to supporting certain vulnerable populations in the region where it is based, i.e. in Lausanne. Since its creation, we have been carrying out micro-projects for the homeless, for families in precarious situations, many of whom are refugees, and for young people suffering from autism spectrum disorders.


These different actions have for example been developed in the form of logistical support to 5 temporary shelters for the homeless during the period of semi-confinement, for which we have ensured the transport of dirty laundry to the Point d'eau (Lausanne) to be washed.


Also, during the Christmas period, we collect several hundred gifts each year that we redistribute to families in need. Throughout the year, we make home deliveries of basic necessities to elderly or handicapped people whose mobility is severely limited.


Finally, one of our major activities is the organization of solidarity trips to India and Kenya, during which young people in training are made aware of the precariousness of life and mobilize before the trip to raise funds and support projects in these places where living conditions are extremely precarious.

Pegasus Project


Throughout the year, our founding member Alain Toueg leads this project with young people with autism spectrum disorder. Together, they make home deliveries of basic necessities for people with very limited mobility. In addition to providing a service to a pool of isolated people, this project enhances the value of these young people and, to a certain extent, aims at their social integration.

Covid-19 supply

During the semi-confinement, we provided logistics for 5 temporary homeless shelters in Lausanne, for which we transported the dirty laundry of their beneficiaries. Le Point d'Eau, also based in Lausanne, cleaned the laundry and we acted as liaison during this period when it was not possible to go out for such reasons. This project was very important to us because this difficult period reminded us how important it was to have a home.

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