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Dassanesh water tank

This project emerged during the trip of 3 of our members in the fall of 2021. It followed the encounter we had with village communities in extreme water stress, south of Omorate in the vicinity of Lake Turkana. Already located in a semi-desert environment in which drinking water is very scarce, these populations are now affected by climate change and the disruption of the water cycle that it causes. Numerous carcasses of livestock littered the ground and the regional situation became (and still is) worrying.


We promised to establish a water tank in their access area, which is now being filled twice a week by the international WASH initiative. Several thousand people live in the area and we now want to focus our efforts with other partner organizations to develop similar projects.


These people belong more broadly to the Dassanesh tribe, which occupies the southern Omo Valley, from Turmi to the Kenyan and South Sudanese borders. Approximately 78,000 people occupy this arid region and are under severe water stress. Therefore, it is in this region that we will deploy the majority of our efforts in order to try to relieve part of this courageous population, mainly through access to drinking water projects.

February 2023

Project follow-up

In a second phase, the members of the WASH initiative, established to support populations affected by insalubrity and water and food stress, have been providing water by tanker truck to the site. They fill the tank twice a week, as it is very much in demand by the surrounding populations, estimated at several thousand people.

water tank filling 2.jpeg
water tank inauguration.jpeg

March 2022


The chosen location, close to the community we had been talking to, is a crossroads for many people. Initially, we agreed with the local authorities that we would be responsible for the financing and construction, and that they would provide the drinking water tank.

February 2022

End of the work

By soliciting local materials as well as local residents, the tank could be made in only one month and could be delivered to them as soon as possible

water tank finished.jpeg
water tank construction 2.jpeg

January 2022

Start of the work

The precarious situation pushed us to act in the shortest possible time. A hydrological engineer with whom we have worked closely up to now took charge of the construction of the structure made of stone, concrete and iron reinforcement.

September 2021

Development of the project

As described in the introductory paragraph, we met with this village community who were in a very precarious situation with regard to their access to drinking water since the rainy seasons have become more and more irregular.


We have therefore agreed to build a cylindrical tank that can store 20'000 liters of drinking water that will directly benefit them and other neighboring communities

water tank design.jpeg
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