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Hamer medical center

During our trip to inaugurate the school for the Benna community in 2020, we set up this second project of the association in Ethiopia. After meeting with the local authorities, we went to this priority location as part of their policy of developing access to health. Located at 2 hours drive from Dimeka, the area in question gathers a pastoral population which is integrated on a larger scale in the Hamer tribe. Approximately 2,500 people cultivate the land and live on the bangs of the departmental medical axes.


The medical center has several objectives, such as primary care for pregnant women and the treatment of wounds and superficial injuries. It also serves as a relay antenna for the distribution of medicines during epidemic periods when malaria is on the rise, diarrhea and pneumonia reach children and newborns, and more episodically if cholera resurfaces. We inaugurated the center with the warm-hearted members of this community one year later after having jointly dialogued and developed this project.


Today, 2 permanent nurses treat about 10 people a day. UNICEF also used it as part of its mass distribution of mosquito nets in the fall of 2022.

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February 2023

Project follow-up

The medical center is doing well. Two nurses are permanently on site and treat an average of 10 patients per day, mostly pregnant women.


The center has also been used by UNICEF and WHO for a massive distribution of mosquito nets as part of their campaign against organized malaria. These organizations have installed a fridge to keep the medicines at 2°C, powered by a solar panel.

October 2021


In three months, the medical center for the Hamer tribe was built.


For the event, Simon and Maxime were present to celebrate with the Ethiopian members of For Equity, the Hamer tribe, and the local authorities. A very proud moment for them and for all the members of For Equity, who see the work done throughout the year coming to fruition.


A wonderful day of sharing and humanity, during which songs, dance and the sharing of a meal nourished the exchange between our members and this warm population.

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September 2021 

Medical center 80% finished

Visiting the construction site during their trip to Ethiopia, Simon and Valentin were able to see the progress and the good progress of the work. The roof and the frame are now finished, and all that remains is to install the ceiling, close the roof completely, and paint the building. 


The inauguration will take place at the beginning of October in the presence of Maxime and Simon, as well as the on-site coordinator Chapy, the engineer Abeje, the local authorities, and of course the inhabitants of the Hamer tribe.

August 2021

The work continues

One month after the beginning of the construction, the work has progressed well. After starting with the building's foundation, workers then tackled the walls, which are now complete. The next step is the installation of the frame and the roof.


Next month, two members of the association will visit the site to ensure that the construction is going well and to set up a next project.

moitie travaux hamer.jpeg

November 2020

benna debut travaux.jpeg

Start of the work

After several months of fundraising at the beginning of 2021, the necessary amount of money is reached and the construction of the medical center can begin. 

All the workers employed on the construction site are part of the local communities and therefore have at heart the good realization of the project.

The work should last 2 to 3 months, and the inauguration will take place in October if all goes well. Several members of the association will travel to the site for the event.

November 2020

The first stone is laid

During the inauguration trip of the school project for the Benna community, we also set up this medical center project for the Hamer Tribe.

The meeting with the members of the tribe and the authorities ended with the laying of the foundation stone of the medical center, thus signing the beginning of the fundraising for the For Equity team in Switzerland.

premiere pierre hamer.jpg
design hamer medical center.png

Plan of the medical center

The medical center will consist of 3 separate structures: a main building (pictured here), restrooms and an incinerator for medical waste.


The main building will have 3 different rooms. There will be a pharmacy, a waiting room and a consultation room.

The team in charge of the project on site

Gino is a specialized tour guide in the arid region of Turmi.

Abeje is the chief engineer for all our projects in Ethiopia.

Wele is the head of the Ministry of Health in the Dimeka Regional Administration.

Chapy is the coordinator of our projects in Ethiopia.

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