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Present in Ethiopia since 2020 and now recognized as an Ethiopian civil organization, the association devotes all of its energy to the heart of the Omo Valley, located in the southwest of the country. Bordering on Kenya and South Sudan, this region is home to more than fifteen distinct pastoral populations with singular customs, languages and geographical occupations.


We have so far supported 3 projects with the Benna, Hamer and Dassanesh tribes. Each time, these initiatives were jointly the result of our meetings with these isolated communities and the dialogues we were able to have with the local authorities on the priority needs of these populations.

From 2023, we have decided to concentrate our activities in the Omoraté region, because of the urgent need for medical aid and access to water. Well established in the region, For Equity has a small office in the town of Omoraté, as well as a local coordinator to ensure that the various projects run smoothly.

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Surgical unit in Omoraté

Construction of a surgical unit for the Omoraté medical centre.

Water tank for the Dassanesh tribe

Construction of a 20,000 liter water tank for the Dassanesh populations in the vicinity of Omoraté.


Medical Center for the Hamer tribe

Construction of a medical center for a Hamer community near Dimeka.

School for the Benna tribe

Construction of an elementary school for a Benna community on the outskirts of Key Afer.

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