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South India was our focus from the beginning of the founding of For Equity in 2009 until 2019 when we decided to engage in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia.


Today, we still support a project in which women who were once battered, widowed or who have suffered significant personal problems are trained in a sewing school. We have been supporting this project since its inception more than 5 years ago. We have also participated in the financing of a day care center, intended to receive the children of these seamstresses.


During these 10 years of activity in India, we have been especially active around the city of Chennai in the medical field with the renovation of 3 dispensaries, the construction of an entire peripheral medical center that treats up to 30 people per day since. Occasionally, we supported the schooling of children from the slums of Chennai, located on the southeast coast.


Sewing school

Alongside Nazima, its creator, we have supported this socio-professional reintegration project for the benefit of women in precarious situations. Nazima has been training seamstresses for more than 5 years in order to give them the autonomy they need for their personal reconstruction. This school is accompanied by a daycare center for the children of the apprentice seamstresses.

Hôpital Annaï Teresa

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