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Nazima sewing school

This sewing school project was developed to allow women who are victims of domestic violence or who have suffered personal trauma to train and achieve professional autonomy. In addition, a crèche was developed to provide a safe place for their children during the off-peak hours of the day.


Sewing courses

This project began in 2017 after two members of the committee met Nasima Shahin, a young Indian woman and founder of the Nandri Trust association. After a difficult life path, the main objective of this singular and courageous woman is to allow other women victims like her of domestic violence and coming from underprivileged backgrounds to train as seamstresses, in order to be then autonomous and to be able to provide for their families.


To do so, it is essential that their children be taken care of, during the day for the youngest, and after school for those who are enrolled. There is already a small structure that serves as a crèche and an "After School" but its size does not allow it to accommodate all the children today. In addition, the association sometimes struggles to pay for meals for the children and lacks games, socio-educational materials and educational staff. For Equity has therefore committed to help Nandri Trust by financing the construction of a new after-school care center, as well as the salaries of the educators and cooks, in order to give Nasima time to look for local sources of funding for the years to come.

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